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FRACTALPIX Resampler™ - Image Enhancement and Restoration     
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FRACTALPIX Resampler™ is our in-house system for digitally enhancing video frames from production masters, lossless debayered frames from original Camera RAW and other HDR images, up to RGBA floating point 32-bits per color channel (128 bits per pixel). Pixel values are calculated with single-precision floating-point 32-bits per color channel. Applied correctly image resampling improves visual appearance beyond standard sharpening methods.

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Resampled 4K Examples
Cropped portion of RED ONE 4K vs FRACTALPIX Resampler™ (Source RED .RD3 RedGamma4 Rec. 2020)
Cropped portion of Canon EOS FRACTALPIX Resampled™
Cropped SONY A7 FRACTALPIX Resampled™
Satellite image vs FRACTALPIX Resampler™
Zoomed 800%: Cropped SONY A7 RAW | FRACTALPIX Resampled™