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FRACTALPIX  Codec™ - Lossless Floating Point HDR Image Compression (.fpx)     
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FRACTALPIX Codec™ (.fpx) is our Lossless Image Format for saving FRACTALPIX Upscaler™ and FRACTALPIX Resampler™ processing output, up to RGBA floating point 32-bits per color channel (128 bits per pixel).

Test Results with 8192x4320 RGB floating point 16-bits per color channel (48 bits per pixel) image:

Source Uncompressed .tiff 207 MB

FRACTALPIX Codec™.fpx 152 MB
(55MB reduction)


100% Lossless, zero generational loss

Options for separate R G B A decompression

Parallel GPU compression/decompression

Tiled decompression (selected portions of an image)

Scaled decompression (smaller resolutions)

Subsampled decompression (lower color depths)

FractalPix Video Codec™
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